Your data is your business, and the ability to secure it is as important as the data itself. In an industry that is presented with increasing risks almost daily, having optimal security is essential. VLCM partners with companies like Barracuda, Sophos, HP, FireEye, and Fortinet to offer the best security options to our customers. If bolstering your security has been on your mind, let VLCM help you implement a carefree security environment.

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We have found VLCM to be an outstanding source of information with a staff who understands our IT needs and responds accordingly. VLCM has an excellent track record when involved in our projects.

Bryron D. Gray
Superintendent - Technical Systems - Salt Lake City Department of Airports

I worked for many years as a director in the card payments group at American Express. American Express is one of those companies that is very customer and service oriented, and I came to appreciate the hard work it is to be a truly excellent service company. Your company has earned 5-stars for service, in my book, so I’m posting this message here for everyone to read.

Peter Saunders
Satisfied Customer of VLCM's Technical Services